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Visa to Turkmenistan

Make a request for a visa

A tourist visa for entry into Turkmenistan is issued at the Representative offices of Turkmenistan abroad (at the consulate).

The term of a visa is 15 days.

Consular fee for SGL Visa is from $ 35 (duration of stay in the country is 10 days).

Multiple visa: for the period of less than a month – 75 USD.

Visa can also be obtained from the Consular Department of the Airport. Saparmurat Turkmenbashi city of Ashgabat upon arrival on the basis of an invitation. The cost of such a visa at the airport is from $ 100.

The visa can also be obtained on the land border between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The cost of such a visa is from $ 85.

BUT!!! To obtain a visa at the consulate, you must first receive an invitation from the Migration Service of Turkmenistan.

You can get a letter of invitation. It usually takes 5-7 working days to legalize the visa support (visa invitation letter).

Visa letter for tourists in this case. It’s desirable to send you a legal letter.

The list of data required for a visa invitation:

  • Full name (first name, last name, middle name);
  • Nationality;
  • Date and place of birth (Please indicate country and city);
  • Serial number of passport;
  • Passport’s date of issue;
  • Passport’s date of expire;
  • Booking air tickets
  • Certificate of employment
  • Copy of the first and all pages of the internal passport, where there are marks
  • Home address and telephone number;
  • The name of the occupied position;
  • Preferred place of application;
  • Period of stay in Turkmenistan;
  • Scanned passport copy of high quality( not less then 6 month).

It is legalized through the MFA of Turkmenistan only after receiving the information. It means that the hotel is a compulsory for invitation legalization!

We issue this invitation for our clients if they booked a tour with us – from 220 USD

The term of a visa consists of two stages:

  1. Getting an invitation – 12 calendar days.
  2. Getting a visa at the consulate – 15 calendar days.

We remind you that you can also get a 10-day visa at the airport, if you have a copy of the invitation.

Attention!!! Tourist visa (invitation) is issued subject to the order of the full tour: visa support, hotel, meeting - farewell, excursion service, program guide, transfers along the route).

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents in certain cases. In case of refusal of a visa, consular fees and the cost of the invitation will not be returned.

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