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The Grand Caucasus Tour

  • Продолжительность: 12/11
  • Countries: Russia
  • Type of flight: Extra charge
  • Visa: Visa Support
  • Depature data: Regular programs

    Program Code: TST-Grand Caucasus-D12

    ATTENTION! The cost per person in the room based on double occupancy (1/2 DBL)
    DBL - cost per person in double room
    SGL - cost per person in single room
    EXB - the cost of an extra bed in the room


    Hotel / Room D/N 1/2 DBL
    Hotel 4* (Hotel description ↠)
    Standard 12/11 1650$ 157328 RUB
    • Accommodation in all towns according to the program;
    • Meals according to the program (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
    • Guide;
    • Transportation according to the program;
    • Entry tickets to museums
    • International and domestic flights;
    • Extra meals;
    • Travel insurance;
    • Visa support;
    • Extra excursions;
    • Tips
    Day City Program
    Day 1 Pyatigorsk

    Arrival to Mineralnye Vody airport. Transfer to hotel.

    Check in. Dinner.

    Day 2 Pyatigorsk

    Breakfast at the hotel

    City tour in Pyatigorsk

    We will visit the house-museum of Lermontov and the Flower Garden park, which is very well maintained and beloved by tourists where the famous Lermontov Gallery is situated. Then we will go for a walk on the Hot Mountain – an extremely beautiful and picturesque place. The route is quite comfortable and equipped with convenient ladders and railings.

    Next, we are walking to one of the most romantic places in Pyatigorsk – the Aeolian Harp gazebo. It is also a wonderful observation deck located on one of the spurs of the Mashuk mountain. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of Pyatigorsk and the beauty of the Main Caucasian Ridge.

    In addition, we will see a unique natural monument of karst-tectonic origin, Lake Failure. There are many legends associated with the underground lake, which our guide will tell you.


    Departure for bathing to the Suvorov spring.

    The village of Suvorovskaya has been famous for natural hot springs for many years. Weakly mineralized alkaline waters are rich in silicon, iodine, calcium, bromine and other trace elements. The unique composition of water promotes skin rejuvenation, restores tissue elasticity, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Sometimes it's so important to stop and just take care of yourself: your body, your feelings, your consciousness need you.

    The complex is equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay. It offers a swimming pool in a covered pavilion, as well as an outdoor swimming pool.


    Day 3 Kislovodsk

    Breakfast at the hotel

    City tour in Kislovodsk. Kislovodsk is a city of the sun and narzan, it is also a city of unusual Caucasian flavor, ancient legends, delicious food and original souvenirs, including ceramic. Do you want to visit the pottery workshop of the hereditary Kislovodsk artist and feel the soft pliable clay in your hands? Nothing is impossible! You will have a master class at the potter's wheel under the guidance of a talented ceramist Timur Temirbulatov.

    Well, since, according to an old Caucasian saying, a hungry guest is not treated to conversations (and ceramic wisdom is not taught) in the atmosphere of a cozy family cafe, our guests will taste everyone's favorite dishes of Caucasian cuisine.

    The Caucasian feast includes: Chicken cradles. Chicken kebab. Potatoes with chicken. Assorted vegetables. Peddlers. Caucasian cheeses. Pie with cheese and herbs. Pie with potatoes and cheese. Sauces (kebab and brine). Tortillas. Herbal tea with thyme. Jam.

    In addition, we will take a traditional bus and walking tour of Kislovodsk, learn a lot of interesting things about the fortress from which the city began, admire the magnificent cascade staircase that will lead us to the Kislovodsk National Park, admire the architecture of the old city, feel the beautiful panorama on the observation deck of the Armenian-Gregorian Church, learn the secret of the Alikon Gorge!


    Day 4 Elbrus

    Departure for the excursion "The highest mountain in Europe - Elbrus".

    Breakfast lunch box/or in a cafe on the way.

    You have a unique opportunity to experience the magical power of the mountains! We invite you on a trip to the majestic Elbrus, which is officially included in the list of seven wonders of Russia.

    To begin with, in a closed cable car on the slope of Elbrus, we will climb to an altitude of about 3800 meters above sea level. The ascent and descent will take about 40 minutes. Up - in three queues from Azau Glade (2350 m) to Garabashi station (3847 m) with a transfer at the stations Old Horizon and Mir. The cable car on Elbrus is included in the "Book of Records of Russia" as the highest cable car in the country.

    But that's not all! Getting to the Elbrus region, you definitely need to climb Mount Cheget. It is from here that the best views of Elbrus. A chairlift leads to Cheget.

    During the tour we will stop at café for lunch

    Return to hotel. Dinner.

    Day 5 Vladikavkaz

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Starting to North Osetia, to Vladikavkaz.

    We will start our walking journey from Shtyba Square, where the monument to the founder of the city Dzaug Bugulov is located, then through the shady Central Park, located on the banks of the Terek River, we will go to Mira Avenue, which is the historical and cultural center of the city. Almost all the buildings here are monuments of architecture, history and culture. You will see the most beautiful mansions and learn the stories of their inhabitants, and then go to the city mosque, made in the Egyptian style – this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Russia, brilliantly staged from the point of view of architecture.

    Lunch at the restaurant – museum "Kona". Translated from Ossetian, the name of the restaurant means "Home". Here you can not only taste dishes of national cuisine, but also get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of Ossetians. Waiters dressed in stylized national costumes greet guests with a greeting in their native language.

    An Ossetian melody is playing in the hall, and the menu includes Ossetian pies, boiled meat, kebabs, a traditional cheese dish - dzikka and the most popular Ossetian first - tolan soup, which is made from rich chicken broth with chicken, sour cream and cream.

    Return to the hotel. Dinner.

    Day 6

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Departure for the excursion Kurtatinsky gorge + Karmadon gorge.

    Visiting North Ossetia, the land of emerald rivers, protected coniferous forests, snowy peaks, alpine meadows and clean, transparent mountain air, you begin to feel like just a part of all this splendor. Looking at this beauty, you want to live in harmony with yourself and with the surrounding world.

    We will see ancient Ossetian villages with family towers and cave fortifications, the Kurtatinsky gorge, the unique Kadargavan canyon, the Dzivgis rock fortress and Dzivizgs necropolis, the Holy Dormition Alan Monastery - the highest mountain monastery in Russia, located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level.

    During the tour we will stop for lunch in a café.

    Return to hotel. Dinner.

    Day 7

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Excursion to Tsey Gorge

    There are several well–known "places of power" in the world - locations filled with positive energy. The sanctuary of the River in the Tsey Gorge is one of these. There are three sacred structures in total – one for men and two for women. They are located close to each other, within the same route. We will definitely visit all of them.

    In addition, we will see the Holy Ascension Cathedral in Alagir - one of the oldest cathedrals in North Ossetia and the famous Uastyrdzhi, a monument to George the Victorious, the most revered Saint among Ossetians. A cable car awaits us in the Tsey Gorge, and then travelers will be able to replenish their strength by bathing in the hot mineral springs of the village of Biragzang.

    Lunch at the café

    Return to hotel. Dinner

    Day 8

    Breakfast in the hotel.

    Started to Digor Gorge. We will cross the gates of the mountain Digoria and cross the stone bridge over the Urukh River. The view from the bridge is incredibly fascinating and impressive. If you decide to throw a pebble down, the sound of falling will be inaudible. Then we will go to Zadalesk, where we will visit the sanctuary museum in memory of the Zadaless Nana, the mother savior, who gathered orphaned Alan children around her during the devastating campaigns of the lame Timur. In addition, we will see the mysterious castle "Frigate", located in the extinct village of Khanaz. The outlines of this architectural structure really resembles a sailing ship, towering on a rocky ledge, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level

    We are heading to the end of the earth. On our way is the village of Matsuta, which means "there is no further way". According to legend, this name has been fixed since the invasion of Tamerlane, when Matsuta became an impregnable bastion.

    Lunch at the café

    Return at the hotel. Dinner.

    Day 9

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Excursion to Dzheyrakh Gorge of Ingushetia. The Dzheyrakh Gorge is a real storehouse of natural and architectural monuments of the Ingush land. Here you can admire the amazing ancient heritage – Ingush battle towers – these are unique and unusual architectural structures, the equal of which is not in the world.

    In addition, we will visit the Assin Gorge – a unique creation of nature. We will begin our acquaintance with the Assin Gorge from the village of Galashki. There is a cliff located, "where the dragon beats his tail." Many centuries ago, local residents witnessed a fantastic picture – the sky darkened, a cloud descended, and people saw a dragon. He was chained up, growled terribly, tore up trees and beats his tail, but a cloud overcame him and carried him into the sky. Today, only a huge cliff formed at this place reminds of this event. Beautiful nature awaits us in the gorge, the powerful streams of the Assa River and incredible pictures of the rocky mountains.

    Lunch. Return to the hotel.

    Day 10 Grozny

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Excursion to the pearl of Chechen republic – the alpine lake Kazenoy-Am We will visit the largest alpine lake of the North Caucasus, shrouded in legends and secrets – Kazenjy-Am. This is a real Chechen Switzerland, lost in the belt of subalpine meadows.

    Moving along the picturesque mountain serpentine, we will certainly make several stops so that you can enjoy the mountain scenery and take great photos.

    Lunch at the museum- restaurant on the lake shore. Traditional dishes of Vainakh cuisine are perfectly prepared here.

    Then there is entertainment for you to choose from: thrill seekers will be able to ride a zipline over the lake, which, for a moment, is the longest high-altitude lake in Europe! Connoisseurs of tranquility and inner harmony will be pleased with a boat ride and contemplation of the lake surface, and animal lovers will have a real surprise – horseback riding along the picturesque shores of Kazenoy-Am.

    Then we will go to Shali, where the largest mosque in Europe is located - the Pride of Muslims. During the construction of the mosque, marble from the Greek island of Thassos was used - this material allows you to keep cool in the building in hot weather. The mosque amazes travelers with its beauty and monumentality.

    Then we will take a walk through the ethnographic museum of Shira-Yurt – this is an exact reconstruction of a mountain Chechen village and visit the ancient city of Khoy. From here you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the mountainous surroundings, and from the battle tower, which we will climb, the view will be even more spectacular!

    An addition to our busy route we will visit the open-air museum of Soviet cars, where you can take a lot of interesting retro-style photos.

    And we will finish our tour with a visit to the famous kebab street in Grozny. We promise to reveal to you the secret of the most delicious barbecue!

    Check in at the hotel

    You can choose for the additional excursion «Grozny by night».

    Day 11 Grozny

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Excursion to Argun Gorge. You will see cascading Nihaloy waterfalls – an amazing pearl of mountainous Chechnya. There are 12 waterfalls in total on the territory of the natural complex. The smallest waterfall has a height of 2 meters, the highest is 25 meters. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the Argun Gorge and the surrounding area.

    Ushkaloy twin towers dating from the 9th-12th centuries are waiting for you – a real miracle created by the hands of ancient Vainakh masters, and the Medieval castle complex Phakoch, standing near the village of Veduchi. Several combat and residential towers, a watermill and a mosque were built here centuries ago. Today there is a museum of local lore named after Huseyn Isaev, where you can see ancient weapons, jewelry, national costumes and household items of the Chechen people.

    During the tour we will have lunch

    Return to the hotel. Dinner.

    Day 12

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Transfer to Grozny airport.

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