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Acquaintance with Kamchatka

  • Продолжительность: 9/8
  • Countries: Russia
  • Route: Avachinskaya Bay – Vilyuchinsky volcano – Gorely volcano – Mutnovsky volcano – Avachinsky volcano – Rafting – Malki
  • Type of flight: Extra charge
  • Visa: Visa Support
  • Depature data: Regular programs

    Code of the program: TST-Kamchatka-D09

    Acquaintance with Kamchatka

    ATTENTION! The cost per person in the room based on double occupancy (1/2 DBL)
    DBL - cost per person in double room
    SGL - cost per person in single room
    EXB - the cost of an extra bed in the room


    Hotel / Room
    • 08 Nights stay ( accommodation by program)
    • Daily buffet breakfast at Hotel
    • Meals by Program (FB)
    • Excursion s by program
    • Transfers
    • English speaking Guide, cook, on the route
    • Mineral water (1 bottle per pax per day)
    • Visa support
    • Flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (from Moscow ~ 375 USD)
    • Helicopter Flight to the Valley of Geysers
    • A helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers or to Kuril Lake can be carried out on the day of arrival for those who arrive in the morning on flights by 10-00 on a schedule (for those arriving from Moscow with an Aeroflot flight 1730
    • Insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in itinerary
    • Any kind of tips to guide and driver
    Day City Program
    Day 1

    Arrival at the airport of Elizovo (33 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). Transfer.

    Accommodation at a hotel in the resort area of Paratunsky thermal springs (48 km from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) / or a hotel in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Overnight.

    Day 2 Avachinskaya Bay


    Boat trip by Avachinskaya Bay to Starichkov Island. You can see the nesting birds on the coastal cliffs. Starichkov Island – declared a natural monument. Here you can observe nesting colonies of ten species of marine colonial birds, two species of which – the red-faced cormorant and the old man – are listed in the Red Book of the North-East of Russia and in the Red Book of Kamchatka. The old man (the island is named after this bird) forms here the largest colony off the eastern coast of Kamchatka. The diver will get from the bottom of the sea delicacies (crabs and sea urchins), which you can try at dinner. Then, accompanied by a guide, you will take a tour of the historical center of the city and drop into the observation deck to admire the surroundings of the city and the beauty of the mountain necklace that borders the Avachinskaya Bay from the tops of hills.

    Back to Hotel.

    Day 3 Vilyuchinsky volcano

    After breakfast, you will transfer to the Pacific coast and get acquainted with the black volcanic sand of the titanium-magnetite composition of the Halaktyr beach.

    Then transfer to the area of Vilyuchinsky volcano and evening swimming in the Verkhne-Paratunsky natural hot thermal springs after accommodation at the camp.

    Day 4 Gorely volcano

    After breakfast, transfer to the caldera of Gorely volcano (1829 m.). There will be a stop along the way so that you can see the Vilyuchinsky volcano waterfalls and photograph the amazing landscapes of the southern group of volcanoes. At the top of Gorely volcano, there are 11 craters in which historical eruptions occurred. They have a well-shaped structure and are filled with acid lakes. Climbing usually takes 3-4 hours. After observing the gas-vapor eruption in the crater, you go down to the car, and, having lunch, return to the base.


    Day 5 Mutnovsky volcano

    After breakfast, transfer to the foot of the active Mutnovsky volcano (2323). The steep walls surrounding the vast and deep cavity of the crater are filled with shiny turquoise glaciers, fragmented cracks and trickles of steam, squelching and gurgling fumaroles.

    After a snack in the crater, you will go down to admire the 80-meter waterfall of the Dangerous Canyon on the Vulkannaya River. The river flows from the crater, remaining lifeless for many kilometers downstream, as it contains mercury, arsenic, antimony. Return to the base again in the evening and you can relieve fatigue by the thermal waters of the pool.

    Day 6 Avachinsky volcano

    After breakfast, you can relax and swim in the thermal pool until lunch.

    Further, moving (55 km) to the foot of the Avachinsky volcano.

    After accommodation in the houses of a tourist shelter, accompanied by a guide, take an excursion to the mountain formation from the camel lava. Back to base.

    Day 7 Avachinsky volcano

    Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will begin climbing the active Avachinsky volcano (900m> 2741 m) to the crater and to the fumarole fields. Avachinsky volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka. The last eruption with emissions of lava flows was in 1991. Today, frozen lava has filled a huge bowl of the crater of the volcano, and high fumarole activity continues today. Dine in the crater, here you can enjoy a picturesque picture of a typical Kamchatka landscape: snowy peaks glistening in the sun, the blue of a limitless ocean, ash emissions of the crater of the volcano Zhupanovsky are visible in the distance.

    Day 8 Malki

    After breakfast, you leave the tourist base to make a rafting on the river. Bystroy is one of the most beautiful rivers on the peninsula, which will give you pleasure with picturesque landscapes and fishing.

    After the rafting, transfer to Malki, where you take an excursion to the thermal site, take a dip in the natural baths of Malka sources. Water with a temperature of up to 84°C is knocked out of several griffins, but when mixed with the cold waters of a mountain river, it becomes comfortable for swimming.

    In the evening, return to the city and check into a hotel.

    Day 9

    Breakfast. Transfer to airport.

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