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Bukhara is one of the largest cities in the Republic of Uzbekistan. In addition, this city is considered a historical and cultural center. This city amazes and amazes all visitors. It combines ancient and impressive architecture with modern innovations. For centuries Bukhara was the center of trade, here passed the Great Silk Road, which causes a large number of caravanserais. This incredibly beautiful city is one of the seven sacred cities of Islam and is rightly called “Bukhoro and Sharif,” that is, Sacred Bukhara. Despite the strict religiosity of the city, it is also with respect for other religions. The city has an Orthodox church, a Catholic cathedral, and a synagogue.

The main part of the architects left intact and untouched ahead, the city has preserved its history and amazing architectural masterpieces. Despite all the ancient beauty, at the same time, the city is considered an industrial center. A large number of educational institutions, sports complexes and a stadium, a modern airport and entertainment centers have been built here.

In 1993, the most beautiful Bukhara became part of the UNESCO cities, which constitute the world heritage of all mankind.

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