Programm Etno Tour Moscow - Etno World - Saint Petersburg Treasures of two capitals Gold Russia + Baikal Gold of Moscow & Saint-Petersburg Gold of Moscow
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SPO: Country Days/Nights Arrivals Price
Moscow - Etno World - St.Petersburg - Ethno Park Shuvalovka Russia 5/4
420 $
Programm Etno Tour Moscow - Etno World - Saint Petersburg Russia 5/4
460 $
Treasures of two capitals Russia 8/7
629 $
Gold Russia + Baikal Russia 10/9
1350 $
Gold of Moscow & Saint-Petersburg Russia 7/6
390 $
Gold of Moscow Russia 5/4
320 $

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Tours in Russia, Rest in Russia Travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Dear colleagues and friends, Welcome to visit the website of TRANS-SHOW TOUR, an outbound and inbound tour operator in Russia. Alliance companies TRANS-SHOW TOUR and CHINA TRAVEL have been offering services in inbound tourism for Russia’s visitors for more than 19 years. We welcome guests from all over the world, from Asia to Central Europe. Cooperating only with the highest-quality service providers, we can offer everything desired for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities. Our guests rely on us in organizing business trips, sightseeing tours for groups and individuals, and aiding participation in conferences and exhibitions.

We are pleased to offer you:

- visa support

- airline tickets of major Russian and international airlines

- carefully planned excursion programs in the major cities of Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States

- professional tourist guides, fluent in over 15 languages

- best accommodations in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities

- individual and VIP tours

- VIP-lounges in Moscow and St. Petersburg airports

- organization of business meetings and negotiations

- catering in Russian, Chinese, Indian, and Halal restaurants

- transportation services

- travel consulting

You are welcome to choose any of our trips with fixed itineraries or to create some original tours. We are very flexible; we can organize various tours according to your tastes and budget - from the tourist class to VIP level. Reсeive a warm welcome in Russia, enjoy traditional Russian hospitality and a high level of service. Experience the wonders of Russian culture with TRANS-SHOW TOUR.