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Tour to Ashgabad

  • Продолжительность: 3/2
  • Countries: Turkmenistan
  • Type of flight: Extra charge
  • Visa: Visa Support
  • Depature data: Regular flights

    ATTENTION! The cost per person in the room based on double occupancy (1/2 DBL)
    DBL - cost per person in double room
    SGL - cost per person in single room
    EXB - the cost of an extra bed in the room


    Hotel / Room D/N 1/2 DBL SGL Notes
    (4*) Hotel (Turkmenistan) 4* (Hotel description ↠)
    Standard 3/2 710$ 53420 RUB 845$ 63578 RUB For group 10 рах
    • Accommodation in a double room;
    • Breakfasts;
    • Services where;
    • Registration (availability of 2 color photos);
    • Entrance fees and excursions according to the program;
    • Transport service according to the program;
    • Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers
    • International flight Moscow – Ashgabat – Moscow;
    • Visa invitation – $ 210;
    • Immigration fees of $ 12 are charged upon arrival;
    • The cost of a Turkmen visa – $ 65 (in Moscow), $ 165 (in a/p Ashgabat);
    • Payment for video and photo;
    • Tips for guides and drivers
    Day City Program
    Day 1 Ashgabat

    Departure to Ashgabat from Domodedovo Airport by Turkmen Airlines or Siberia Airlines Group S7.

    Arrival in Ashgabat, meeting at the airport and transfer to hotel.


    Breakfast in the hotel.

    10:00 Meeting with a guide in the lobby of the hotel. Trip to Nisa – an ancient city, the ruins of which are located near the village of Bagir, 18 km west of Ashgabat.

    In the 4th century BC The Achaemenid Empire ceased to exist as a result of the invasion of the forces of Alexander the Great. During the rule of the receivers of Alexander, the Seleucid state, 3 independent states emerged - Bactria, Khorezm and Parthia. During the period of its existence, Parthia had several capitals. Among these capitals, Nisa was the most legendary and mysterious. Old Nisa is a detached royal fortress on a hill, called Mithridatkert ("Mithridates fortress"), founded by Mithridates I or Mithridates II in the II century BC. er Until the I century AD er served as the burial place of the Parthian kings, until the youngest branch of the Arshakids ascended the throne and Arbela became the royal tomb. The area of the settlement is 17 hectares.

    Return to Ashgabat.

    Excursion program by Asgabad.

    In the capital of Turkmenistan: In Turkmen folklore, the name of the city means “city of love”. Love is not only the primary meaning of the city’s name, but also a familiar feeling for many generations of city dwellers. Modern Ashgabat has its own style, which is a harmonious combination of the best traditions of national architecture and the achievements of modern urban planning.

    A visit to the National Museum of Turkmenistan, Presidential Square Park dedicated to Turkmenistan’s pride – Akhal-Teke horses and the Independence Monument: The greatness and meaning of independence as the main achievement in the centuries-old history of Turkmen is reflected in the country's highest monumental building erected on the central axis of the National Park. The day of independence – October 27, 1991 is symbolically imprinted in the height of the building (118 meters) - derived from the sum of two numbers 27 + 91. The lower part of the monument is a hemisphere resembling a traditional Turkmen yurt. Up from the hemisphere there is a high spire, topped with a gilded crescent with five stars - a symbol of unity of the five largest Turkmen tribes.

    Free time

    Overnight at the hotel.

    Day 2 Ashgabat

    Breakfast in the hotel.

    Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby.

    A trip to a private horse farm walking and inspection of Akhal-Teke horses. The Akhal-Teke horse is a horse breed of horses, bred on the territory of modern Turkmenistan presumably about 5,000 years ago. This is the oldest cultural breed that influenced many breeds - Arabian, thoroughbred riding and others, is a reference riding horse and for 5,000 years has not crossed with other breeds. Well adapted to the dry hot climate and perfectly acclimatized in other conditions.

    Continuation of the excursion program visit and inspection of the mosque "Saparmurat Haji" Geokdepe Mosque – the mosque, the ruins of the fortress and the cemetery located in the town of Gokdepe located 40 minutes west of Ashgabat. This place includes the remains of the ancient fortress Geokdepe and the modern mosque Saparmurat Haji. Then visit to the mosque "Turkmenbashi Ruhi" Mosque and mausoleum, located near the city of Ashgabat in the village of Kipchak This is the largest single-dome mosque in the world and the largest in Central Asia, which can simultaneously pray up to 8 thousand.

    Return to Ashgabat.

    Free time.

    Overnight at the hotel.

    Day 3 Ashgabat

    Breakfast in the hotel.

    Check-out until 12:00.

    Free day.

    We recommend to visit:

    Russian Bazaar Despite the convenience of modern supermarkets, most residents of the Turkmen capital still prefer to shop in the bazaars. Melons, pomegranates, dried fruits and vegetables are sold here year-round. Naturally, a huge assortment is sold here from the fields and gardens of Turkmenistan. Golden baked cakes are fried here, juicy manty and amazing drinks are sold - camel chal (fermented drink made from camel milk). A little further, the smoke above the bazaar will help you find a place where make a fragrant lamb shashlik.

    The rhythm of life in the market can add a positive impulse to your mood.

    The Ashgabat Shopping Center is located in the market.

    We also recommend visiting the Impash Shopping Center – one of the largest supermarkets in the city, where you can buy everything and have a good time.

    Transfer to the airport. Departure to Moscow.

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